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  • Do not participate and play on multiple teams.
  • Do not share flags or any hints.
  • Do not ask other players who are not on the same team for hints on challenges via DM, etc.
  • Do not attack scoreboard server or our infra. (e.g. DoS)
  • Do not do scanning.
  • The flag format is LINECTF{[0-9a-f]{32}}
  • There is no team size limit

  • The displayed amount of prize money will be transferred in USD. LINE will bear the transfer cost.
  • We will ask for your PII for payment of rewards and checking of anti-social forces
    • For residents in Japan, we will ask your My Number for payment records
  • We will not support the multiple transfer accounts. Only one bank account can receive the rewards

  • We reserve the right to ban and disqualify any teams breaking any of these rules
  • The Top 3 will need to send us ([email protected] [email protected]) a writeup until 2024.03.25 09:00 (UTC+9)

  • Unfortunately, due to current geopolitical events, participants from Russia are NOT eligible to receive prize money